Saturday, 28 February 2009

SearchStorage report: DataCore announces powerful new releases

DataCore has been previewing the next major release of its SANmelody and SANsymphony storage virtualization software at VMworld Europe 2009 this week. SANmelody 3.0 and SANsymphony 7.0 will ship next month with 64-bit software architectures and new features for virtual server users.

SearchStorage has done a good write up hitting some of the highlights and also included comments from
Jack Fegreus, CEO at Southborough, Mass.-based openBench Labs.

He is in agreement with most of the other analysts who tout storage virtualization as the area of focus in 2009 as he says that
DataCore's combining these features into a server-centric approach looks like the wave of the future for networked storage as integration increases between SANs and servers.

Product highlights include:
  • x64 versions which support up to 1TB cache
  • Transporter feature allowing for offline conversion of any to any physical or flavors of virtual servers.
  • Space reclamation capability for DataCore's Thin Provisioning feature

Read the entire article here.

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