Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Case Study on Ports of Auckland

Performance has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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The IT infrastructure at Ports of Auckland is extensively virtualized, but its aging Storage Area Network (SAN) was limiting critical application performance, required too much downtime for physical maintenance or upgrades, and could not furnish the high availability demanded by port operations. By deploying DataCore SANsymphony storage virtualization software, the IT team was able to guarantee a failover time of mere minutes, increase storage performance and utilization, and greatly reduce their storage infrastructure costs and management burden.

With SANsymphony, we have seen the benefits first-hand of improved uptime and being able to do operational maintenance without affecting the business. We’re getting better utilization out of our storage hardware, and need less of it to get the same performance. Lastly, we have peace of mind. We know we don’t have to throw away any functionality intelligence because we get to keep using SANsymphony software even as the hardware underneath changes.
- Craig Beetlestone, Lead System

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