Sunday, 17 November 2013

An Australian municipality continues to grow and save money with DataCore Storage Virtualization Software

"Virtualizing servers was something we knew we had to pursue. And the concepts we were learning made us think that virtualization on the storage side was something we should also implement to avoid having a single point-of-failure in terms of our newly acquired SAN."
- Kevin Chan IT Infrastructure Manager, Kingston City Council
"The real beauty of DataCore is that it fulfills the full range of storage requirements - such as management, high-availability and disaster recovery - with hardware independent software that runs on any standard Intel or AMD based system."

- Anand Karan Managing Director, Lincom Solutions
To learn more, please read: The Full Case Study on Kinston City Council

DataCore Partner Lincom Designed and Implemented the Kingston City Council Solution:

Lincom Solutions holds DataCore implementation/engineering certifications and have worked with DataCore for nearly 7 years in designing and implementing DataCore solutions for various organisations, ranging from not for profit to global airlines.
One example of such an implementation is Kingston City Council.
For more information on Lincom, please see:

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