Friday, 13 November 2015

DataCore's Storage Virtualization Enables Any-to-Any Data Mirroring

George Teixeira, CEO & President and Nick Connolly, Chief Scientist at DataCore Software discuss how DataCore's Software-Defined Storage solution allows businesses to mirror their data across heterogeneous storage.

Synchronous Mirroring: Zero Downtime, Zero Touch High Availability
DataCore offers an enterprise-class high availability solution that is designed to avoid equipment and site outages from interrupting access to critical information flow. The goal is to deliver “zero downtime, zero touch” failover to maximize business continuity. The cost-disruptive software, proven in over 25,000 global deployments, constantly mirrors data at high speeds between geographically separate locations. It keeps active-active copies synchronized even when using different types of storage devices at each end. Local and stretched/metro clusters perceive the independent, mirrored copies as a single set of data, simultaneously reachable from either location over redundant paths.
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