Saturday, 9 April 2011

What They Won’t Tell You About Virtualization … We Will.

Well done! You’ve consolidated 40 applications from  25 servers down to just four servers. Sure, you’ll realize hardware  cost savings over time, but surprisingly, these partial steps can also  increase the complexity and thus the cost of  managing your IT environment. And in too many cases, early successes  have given way to unmet expectations.

Why is this happening? You have to remember that  virtualization isn’t just about servers or desktops. Virtualization is  about creating agile, cost-effective, and enduring IT infrastructures  that can evolve to support the enterprise over  time. But there is a looming problem that is often overlooked, and one  which can bring a virtualization deployment to a standstill – the  storage problem.

You mean you didn’t know that server/desktop  virtualization actually increases the complexities of storage  management? And at the same time, you didn’t know it can actually stress  the overhaul needed for high availability, and disaster  recovery? ...

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